Social media has a lot of negativity on it. Cyber-bullying, questionable material, and suspicious agendas are everywhere. However, not everything on the internet is bad or negative—there are plenty of positive influences as well. There are people who not only encourage people to better themselves but also help them achieve their desired end results.


There are outlets and sources all around the internet that can help you get in better mental and physical shape. Welcoming communities exist for just about everyone. You just have to find one that you will fit in with. Below you will find several positive online influencers who have inspired countless individuals.


Briana Owens

The creator of Spiked Spin, Briana Owens, has made inspiration her job. In a talk with SELF, she explained that her organization was committed to education, supporting, and inspired people.


Her organization isn’t just about physical well-being. She wants all of those she influences to strive for excellence in everything they want to achieve.


Iiya Parker

Parker’s Decolonizing Fitness aims to create a platform to support and empower individuals. The organization was formally known as Forseca Fitness. It was originally named after Parker’s friend “Big J” Forseca. Both Parker and Forseca are trans people of color, so they immediately bonded during a hospital visit. After Forseca passed away from lung cancer, the organization was formed.


Decolonizing Fitness offers affordable personalized training.


Rina Jakubowicz

This yoga teacher works on an international level, but she is based out of Miami. Her company, Rina Yoga, was created in 2007, and she saw unexpected fame when a Spanish television show asked her to be their expert yoga teacher.


When she began teaching yoga, she realized that there were very view sources for Spanish speaking people to learn yoga. She was already teaching yoga, but she was teaching in English. In 2013, after offering Spanish classes at her studio, Yoga Journal offered her a job teaching at their 2013 conference.


Both English and Spanish speakers can learn a lot by attending one of Rina’s classes.


There are countless other inspirational people online. Don’t let negativity online allow you to believe that everything is bad. Check out a few of these inspirational individuals and learn about getting your mental and physical health to a better place.