It is important for employers to motivate their employees with reward or praise programs. While receiving a paycheck each week is essential, adults also enjoy receiving recognition for doing a good job or for doing something that is beyond their job. Here are several ways to recognize your valuable employees with affordable reward and praise methods.


Announcements at Meetings


When a company has weekly meetings with its employees, this is a great time to make a comment about something that an employee does to help another employee. Verbal praise is free, but it makes people feel good about the rest of their day. The person being praised can make a statement at the podium, encouraging other employees to do a better job.


Give Reward Certificates


Another way for a boss to reward his employees is with a certificate. It is possible to buy physical certificates that are attractive to the eye, rather than design one from scratch. But you’ll want to make sure the certificate appropriately reflects the employee’s well-doing. After receiving the certificates, fill in the lines on the items with information such as the employees’ names and the reasons for receiving the awards.


Individual Thank You Notes


A boss can take the time to express his gratitude to an employee with an individual thank you note. In a large company, employers seldom take the time to express appreciation to an individual employee, but this type of recognition is a valuable way to keep morale up in a business.


Special Gifts


When a boss wants to increase a business’s profits, she can offer special gifts for selling the most services or bringing in the most new customers. This type of friendly competition can last for several months, and it encourages employees to work harder while striving to earn a gift such as an exotic vacation or a new television.


Trophies or Plaques


Offering trophies or plaques to employees can make them feel wonderful about doing their jobs. These types of rewards are easy to hang on a wall or place on a bookshelf. The clients who see these rewards will also believe that you have a great company to work with because if a business cares about its employees, then it also cares about its customers.